Some styleframes I have designed for film Tomb Raider (2018).
The concept is inspired by existing and applicable elements of the Tomb Raider universe, that can be illustrated as diagrams or handwritten information presented in a 3D environment, such as artifacts, weapons, ancient architecture, traps, etc... Although the visuals of the base content are conventional sketches, the execution suppose to have a lot of depth and impact to make the sequence more exciting and interesting.
The aim for the overall phase and motion was making it very action driven. We introduce the pistol, it shoots the bullet and camera follows it, which brings us to another content. Every impact causes debris and particles to disperse in 3D space and every action triggers another action.
The goal was to create a dynamic, engaging and artful title sequence, which also offers a lot of content for the fans based on the film and franchise.
Client: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Production/Design/Post: yU+co
Director and Creative Director: Mert Kizilay, Garson Yu
Executive Producer/SVP: Carol Wong
Executive Producer: Reno Robertson
Associate Producer: Johnny Ellsworth
Designer/Art Director: Mert Kizilay, Edwin Baker
Lead Designers/Animators: Ilgi Candar, Yuanchen Jiang
Designer/Animators: Takayuki Sato, Jim Pierce, Yuee Seo, Axel Alvarez, Grace Kang, Jonathan Taylor
Lead 3D Artist: Jeff Dietrich
Editor: Sam Schlenker, Luis Ochoa
TD/Finisher: Gregory Jones
CG Compositor: Johnathan R. Banta

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Some additional styleframes design for film Tomb Raider (2018).

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