"Delete my recording history I want to restart"

"Getting in touch with someone from your bank over the phone is like trying to contact the president"

"Your ad is ugly So let me help you"

Even thought I have changed all the bank notification setting to paperless. I can still get letters from unrelated banks that ask me to apply their credit card once a while. Also, there is always a empty envelop kindly attached for my convinent if I want to do an application. 
One day I decide to wirte back some letters by using the envelopes them sent to me through a very graphic way which seems more human then they are sending handred of thousand computer generated letters to different people everyday.

Something that shouldn't take a lot of time spending lots of time doing it. We can simply text something to someone or we can also choose a labored calligraphy to express something. It speaks to craft and ways of working that are inefficient. But in some ways it is more human.
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